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About Impact Science

If a researcher makes a discovery, and no one hears about it, can it truly improve human life? The strategic communication and amplification brand of Cactus Communications, Impact Science was conceived to provide author-centric bespoke services to enhance research impact throughout and beyond the project life cycle.

We use nuanced understanding of digital communication to aid publishers, journals, and learned societies with the repurposing and marketing of traditionally published scientific content to both niche and lay audiences. We combine our years of expertise in scientific publishing and allied services extended to researchers via our sister-brands such as Cactus Life Sciences, Editage, Editage Insights, PubSure, Kolabtree, Science Talks and Blank:a.

Our Vision

Our aim is to democratize ideas by empowering every researcher to connect with global audiences for real-world impact.

Our Culture

With a highly skilled team of communicators, visualizers, graphics designers, animators, web developers, and impact catalysts; we share a passion for all things research! It’s not uncommon to find us obsessing over the shape of bacteriophage, or deep in conversation about discoveries and innovations for a better world — All in a day’s work.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping researchers in their mission of reaching a multitude of stakeholders and presenting their work, effectively.

Our Team


Abhishek Goel

Co-Founder and CEO


Nikesh Gosalia

Director - Publisher & Academic Relations


Harini Calamur

Head, Impact Science


Makoto Yuasa

Business Development, Japan


Donald Samulack

Business Development, USA


Frank Xu

Business Development, China


Basil D’souza

Business Development, Korea


Christopher Leonard

Director, Product & Strategy, UK


Ai Kano

Product and Strategy, Japan


Iain Coleman

Research Engagement Manager, UK


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