Why You Need to Self-Isolate Before Covid-19 Spreads, Likely Prospects of Nuclear Wars and Other Top Research News of the Week

A nuclear winter has long been considered a dystopian possibility, since the beginning of the nuclear arms race,

Oxygen Being Not Crucial for Survival, Unspoken Conversation Between our Brain and AI and Other Top Research News of the Week

That life originated somewhere in the unique combination of heat, pressure, and chemicals available in hydrothermal

The Virality of Coronavirus- Around the World in 80 Days

  The whole world has gone gaga over this epidemic, for most of the right reasons but some stories are a little crazy. Here’s our take on the global impact coronavirus has had on our day-to-day lives as well as on society as a whole. The Melon Story Earlier in March, a woman dropped a […]

The coronavirus has sparked a mini revolution of sorts in the need for Science Communication

Science communication is ripe for a paradigm change, and newer content formats might have a role to play. This probably hasn’t been

Do We Need to Worry About Intergalactic Travel Plans? The Mystery Behind the Quantum Cheshire Cat and Other Top Research News of the Week

Molecular oxygen, perhaps the most crucial requirement for life as we know it, is also a rare commodity when you look

Earth’s Hottest January on Record, Can Ebola Virus Eliminate Brain Tumors? and Other Top Research News of the Week

Philosophers and scientists have various definitions of human consciousness, but neurobiologists generally agree that it is a

Newer content formats have the potential to redefine both discoverability and impact

This post is the second in a series that talks about research discoverability. The first was on how research discoverability could potentially

The Science of Fried Rice, Mysterious New Giant Virus, and Other Top Research News of the Week

In a recent study scientists have answered an all-important question that can change lives: how to make the best fried rice.

The best espresso, CRISPR therapy for cancer, social media vs. food habits, and other top research news of the week

It appears, from a new study, that commercial coffee makers have not been getting the best advice, when it comes to the recipe

New age societies: from published research to public outreach

Academic societies are at the heart of research publishing with aims to further enhance the direction of their disciplines while supporting researchers

Five pieces of Star Wars-inspired everyday tech that I thought we should have had by now

It’s pretty hard to imagine a world without Star Wars. There are quite a few successful movie franchises out there, but few can boast of having as profound

Scientists learn the origin of Chinese viral outbreak, how earth’s first magnetic fields shaped life and other top research news of the week

If you can’t get rid of the uninvited guest, perhaps you could prevent them from reaching your house by trapping them inside

Nanosized metal “knives”, living robots to do our bidding, and other top research news of the week

When antibiotics were first discovered, they drastically reduced bacterial infections in humans. However, over the years, some bacteria evolved to become “superbugs”; they became resistant to commonly use antibiotic drugs.

From Ancient lakes where life began to what future generations will make of us and other top research news of the week

“For a long time, scientists who’ve taken up the task of figuring out how the first life was born have been stuck on what is called the “

How to use video summaries to increase the impact of your research

This third post in the series on visual science communication talks about how video summaries help authors tell the story of their research in a way that it can be easily assimilated by scientific and non-scientific audiences alike.

‘Dancing’ Chimps, Jamming the Hate Speech, Nanotech in AI and other top research news of the week

In the very recent past, at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, tomatoes began to look more like bunches of grapes when

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