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Research stories

Five pieces of Star Wars-inspired everyday tech that I thought ...

It’s pretty hard to imagine a world without Star Wars. There are quite a few successful movie franchises out there, but few can boast of having as profound
Research stories

Scientists learn the origin of Chinese viral outbreak, how earth’s ...

If you can’t get rid of the uninvited guest, perhaps you could prevent them from reaching your house by trapping them inside
Research stories

Nanosized metal “knives”, living robots to do our bidding, and ...

When antibiotics were first discovered, they drastically reduced bacterial infections in humans. However, over the years, some bacteria evolved to become “superbugs”; they became resistant to commonly use antibiotic drugs.
Research stories

From Ancient lakes where life began to what future generations ...

“For a long time, scientists who’ve taken up the task of figuring out how the first life was born have been stuck on what is called the “
New Media

How to use video summaries to increase the impact of ...

This third post in the series on visual science communication talks about how video summaries help authors tell the story of their research in a way that it can be easily assimilated by scientific and non-scientific audiences alike.