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Research stories

Can eating Chicken give you COVID-19?

Demystify beliefs like Chickens transmitting COVID-19 to humans, since there is no evidence yet to support it. Ignore such false beliefs as they are harming local businesses.
Research stories

Good personal hygiene can prevent COVID 19 infection

Even as we maintain social distancing, this new normal requires us to step up our personal hygiene habits. Instill some of these preventive measures to help tackle this crisis at a personal level.
Research stories

Stay at Home, Do Your Bit

This infographic illustrates how the simple action of staying indoors can save many lives and protect the ones at the frontline such as healthcare professionals
Social Media

Post, Share, Engage: How Researchers Can Use Social Media to ...

As a researcher, you are aware of the massive role that communication plays in the process that finally sends your paper flying out into the world.
Research stories

Can other diseases make COVID-19 more dangerous than it already ...

Continuing our series on COVID-19 awareness, the first infographic this week throws light on how co-morbid conditions such as diabetes can worsen the impact of Coronavirus in some patients.
Research stories

Bill Gates talks about the right approach to the Coronavirus ...

The Time magazine once wrote that when Microsoft Cofounder Bill Gates looks at the world, he sees an inefficient, broken system, not unlike an application that needs to be debugged!
Research stories

Personal hygiene measures to keep COVID-19 at bay

People all around the world are staying at home to practice social distancing as advised by government and health authorities.
Research stories

Debunking the Myths Behind COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve, doctors & scientists who know about COVID-19 have been sharing tips
Research stories

Coronavirus updates around the world – Vol. 1

Impact Science is starting a new news blog series, to share news and research updates from across the globe. Looking for information about coronavirus (COVID-19)? Find articles in this series and stay up to date.
New Media

Patents need press releases too! Introduction to patent journalism

Science news portals like Phys.Org, EurekAlert, Science Daily, and Science Magazine have a common accord: they popularize novel and interesting research through science press releases and news articles.