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The Virality of Coronavirus- Around the World in 80 Days

The whole world has gone gaga over this epidemic, for most of the right reasons but some stories are a little crazy. Here’s our take on the global impact coronavirus has had on our day-to-day lives as well as on society as a whole.

The Melon Story

Earlier in March, a woman dropped a melon on a train which rolled down to a seated passenger. Common courtesy would have been to pick up the fruit and hand it to the lady like a normal gentleman but Covid19 is now shaping behaviors. Instead of handed back, it was kicked over like an ill mannered child without an ounce of chivalry just because she was coughing a few minutes prior!

The excerpt below is for some further insight on the man’s (and probably everyone else suffering from the corona mental pressure) thought process.

“..delirious with panic, Had I touched my foot that had touched the melon? Was I outside of the range of six feet required for coronavirus transmission, per the CDC, of the woman who had dropped it? Did I brush past her when I got off the train? Had I washed my hands thoroughly enough when I got off the subway? Had I Purell’ed them thoroughly enough? Would I run out of Purell soon and be unable to afford it now that resellers on Amazon had jacked up the price?”

With the World Health Organization declaring the outbreak of the coronavirus a “public health emergency of international concern” on January 30th 2020, we are just about to reach the 80 day mark of the sombre and the global number of COVID-19 confirmed cases has surpassed 125,000.

Last week, for the first time since the COVID-19 epidemic started, the number of new cases outside of China was greater than inside the country. Iran reported 43 new deaths on Monday from the novel coronavirus bringing the overall toll to more than 400 dead. India has confirmed nearly 75 cases of the disease till now.

Carelessness is Contagious

This being said, it is also important to realize the adverse impacts that could result from the lack of taking precautions.

A Hidden Case (coronavirus symptoms unreported): A family in Kerala refused to cooperate with the health officials and as a result was quarantined at the Pathanamthitta general hospital. They were known to have also irresponsibly attended multiple functions on their return to Kerala before due to which two of their relatives were also infected with the virus.

A Dangerous Social Impact

The unbelievable social stigma arising from the coronavirus has got everyone jumping for shelter at the sound of a single sneeze along with a fuel of fear across the country. Let’s talk about some rumors going viral:

  • There is no scientific evidence around garlic/hot water from preventing coronavirus.
  • Anup Dhir, senior consultant at Delhi-based Apollo Hospital confirms that pneumonia vaccines/antibiotics do not provide protection against the virus.
  • While the virus can infect everyone, older people and kids are prone to more complications due to a weaker immune system.
  • Face masks will help only when paired with regular hand-washing and the use of sanitizers.

The Real Risk

Amongst a wide range of speculations revolving around the risk of coronavirus, here’s a quick brief on who’s most at risk:

  • Older adults (above 80)
  • Diabetes, heart disease or lung disease patients (among other underlying health conditions)

On the other hand, it has been reported that only 2% of worldwide cases are of pediatric patients.

“It is really impacting children less. It’s having the least impact on children, and it was an immediate relief because that’s your first thought,” -Wichita on areport by KWCH12.

The (Un)usual Suspect—Novel Coronavirus Identified

Novel Coronavirus identification from Chinese Medical Journal

In other news, a recent study identifies the novel coronavirus responsible for the pneumonia epidemic in the Hubei province of China—the bat-origin virus is related to other known pathogenic coronaviruses.

The 2019 novel coronavirus (CoV) causes fatal pneumonia that has claimed over 1300 lives, with more than 125,000 confirmed cases of infection by March 13, 2020. But, what is this virus? Is it a new virus altogether? Where did it come from? Scientists from top research institutes in China teamed up to answer these questions, and this pioneering study has been published in the Chinese Medical Journal.

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