Widen the reach and appeal of your knowledge

As a publisher or society, you want to appeal to a truly diverse target audience, regardless of geography. Don’t let language be a barrier to your engagement strategy. We provide custom solutions tailored to your specific localized content marketing goals—right from consulting on the overall strategy to creating localized content for specific geographies. Make your content reach every corner of the world with our market expansion solutions.

Market expansion

With planning and nuance you can unlock every market

With Impact Science, you collaborate with impact consultants, digital marketing analysts, subject matter experts in different languages, and a multifaceted content studio that can help you execute the perfect strategy for outreach. Right from creating a content calendar to setting up localized social media accounts and finally developing the creatives, we offer a complete solution package for your target geography. We help you reach previously untapped markets and become global in the truest sense.

Engage holistically and reinforce your thought leadership.

In a previously unexplored market, it is important to be able to appeal to a diverse and holistic target group. We leverage our unique expertise encompassing both scientific research communication and marketing communication capabilities to help you create a truly diverse content output. Target and engage prospective leads through KOL testimonials and promotional collaterals. Convey your brand value through customized brand marketing content. Reinforce your position as a thought leader through our scientific research communication solutions. The possibilities are endless; Impact Science helps you unlock them.

Unlock every stakeholder group in the research ecosystem

We work with academia, government institutions, corporates, and independent labs. We work with influencers, purchasers, decision makers, external stakeholders, users and consumers. We mine for the triggers of each of your audience cohorts and then we activate them. From the physical presence of your brand in the lab to peer validations across other academic publications, we help you be present where you can gain and provide measurable value.

We helped BMJ carve a niche for itself in the Chinese market.

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Stake Holders

To enhance the longevity and global recall value of your brand, it is important to unlock new geographies for audience engagement. In some, it is possible only through a meticulously curated strategy and expert content production in local language through subject matter experts.