Taking Cutting Edge Research To The Masses

Taking Cutting Edge Research To The Masses

Executive Summary

The Tokyo University of Science (TUS) is one of the leading science-specialised private research universities in Asia. The university has been a major contributor to Japan’s development in science and is the only private university in Japan to have produced a Nobel Prize winner. They engaged with Impact Science to increase the reach of their research.


Universities at the leading edge of research need to efficiently communicate their achievements to the academia as-well-as to the general audience.

TUS produces a large volume of cutting-edge research every year, published in journals with high Impact Factors. However, there is a need to more effectively communicate TUS’s research achievements with the academia, as well as with the masses. This is imperative to attract funding and seek development opportunities, considering the competitive nature of the field.

Being based in Japan, TUS also faces challenges in getting its research in front of English speaking media in the western world.


TUS engaged with Impact Science to improve the visibility of its research and scholars. We at Impact Science maintain a highly curated list of journalists and publications that may help universities like TUS multiply their reach. In addition, our content team specialises in creating highly visual press releases that go beyond text, using rich visuals for easier dissemination and better acceptance by the general science enthusiast reader.

Impact Science decided to communicated TUS’ cutting-edge research through catchy news-style, scientific press releases, engaging infographics, and videos that summarize the key findings.

At times, we communicated with the media in multiple languages (English+Japanese), improving the reach. Further, we effectively used social media networks including Twitter and LinkedIn to talk to the journalists.

Within six weeks of the start of the engagement, we had distributed eight press releases for TUS. The results were astounding as TUS researchers received calls from the industry, offers for collaboration, and reported a general improvement in Altmetric scores. The research also found a wider audience with discussions on forums and Reddit.

A prominent success story was a research titled ‘Primed histone demethylation regulates shoot regenerative competency’. Once Impact Science shared the press release with its curated media list, the author received multiple calls for collaboration, including from a leading chemicals giant.

Similarly, a visual press release created for Medusavirus, a large DNA virus discovered by TUS researchers, was shared as text note, infographics and a video. Within a short time of releasing the press note, the research paper’s Altmetric score improved from 200 to 264.

The real impact for any research is garnered by finding its right audience. Impact science provides accurate information about academic research papers to the journal editors, scholarly societies, accreditation agencies, and other independent science readers.

Case study in a nutshell

Case Study: Research Dissemination Through Press Releases

What did we do?

Conveyed research to broad audience by helping Tokyo University of Science (TUS) select the best research and converting them to press releases, allowing journalists to cover TUS’ research prowess and communicate to the general public

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