Interactive Infographics

The human brain processes visual elements much faster than it does textual matter. Infographics, which are a graphic representation of large masses of complex data, help readers of research articles visualize and comprehend the data more easily. An interactive infographic takes this to the next level by allowing readers to interact and engage with the data content. This leads to better understanding and retention of the subject matter.

Interactive Infographics – Making data relatable & engaging

Interactive infographics often ask questions based on the data that the researcher wants to communicate and create a visual dialogue that informs, educates and engages the audience. By asking questions, you allow the reader to navigate through key data structures and content, compare data points, and view results; all in an engaging and interactive manner.

Interactive infographics are extremely useful for Publishers to showcase information flow charts in an article. They can also be used for Q&As, how-tos, and data comparison guides.

Likewise, Publishers can also create web pages of their articles, Journal abstracts, and key highlights, to communicate their research to the larger public. By combining the interactivity of infographics with web pages, Publishers can not only create compelling reader engagement but also disseminate the content to a wider audience through social media, email, and web-based platforms.

For Publishers looking to create the right brand impression for their Journals among the research community, web pages make for an attractive investment choice. Through web pages, Publishers can communicate their science and product values and create the right environment for various stakeholders.

Impact Science: Your Partner for Interactive Infographics and Web Pages

At Impact Science, we help Publishers create engaging and effective web pages for their research articles and Journals. From data visualization to message articulation, we create compelling interactive infographics and web pages that showcase research while adhering to the Journal or brand guidelines. Our team of scientists, illustrators and designers works closely with Publishers to create the desired product, ensuring top-notch quality.

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