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In today’s time of competition and choices, popularizing a University is as crucial as branding a product for consumption. Showcasing the traits, endeavors and initiatives is a great way of creating awareness about the University. This, in turn, helps them garner a good reputation among potential aspirants, giving them an international appeal.

Pave the way to build a global Reputation

One way to do this is by creating a microsite within the main University website, which can act as a newsroom that targets international audiences. This way, internationalization of the University newsroom leads to sharing and promotion of ongoing or upcoming activities with an international audience.

A University newsroom is basically a digital destination that collects, curates and presents information, news and events taking place in the institution in a format that is easy to discover. University newsrooms are usually categorized according to department or topic and are always maintained chronologically. The aim of these newsrooms is to establish and maintain continuous communication with the world at large.

Showcasing activities of the University makes it seem appealing and vibrant. Moreover, it attracts students, alumni & faculty, and can also garner media attention. Additionally, an interactive site is a great way for the University to be found during online searches.

Given the importance of English as a universal language, it is important for the website content to be available in English and an attractive format. Several Universities present in non-English speaking nations have a good online presence, but their content is available in their native language only. Their English content is sparse, and the frequency of updates is low. This adversely affects their chances at attracting a diverse audience.

Impact Science: Your partner for building International Newsroom

At Impact Science, we help and work with Universities to internationalize their newsroom and microsite. We help create attractive content including translating native content into English and converting news items into rich web-friendly content. This makes the University more discoverable and the content ‘newsworthy’.

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