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What Is Marketing and Branding Material?

Marketing and branding materials are tools that help publishers promote themselves to their target researchers, audiences, funders, and other industry specialists.

How Do Marketing and Branding Materials Help?

They help inform potential customers about the publisher, create a marketing package for potential funders, and promote existing research material, and help build good researcher-publisher relations.

Marketing and branding materials use various means and tools in order to conduct promotions. These materials can be in the form of “paper marketing materials,” like brochures, pamphlets, and flyers, or they can be in the form of signs or banners. Additionally, since today one’s relevance is closely linked to their online presence, marketing and branding materials also include media tools that help make the publishers’ brand visible. Broadly, these materials help communicate the ethos of the journal via social, digital, and traditional media, as well as put forth the values and vision of the journal.

Marketing & Branding Material

How Does Impact Science Help?

We, at Impact Science, help your brand stand out by highlighting its key propositions to the right audience. We have a team of communication specialists that help create media tools to help market your brand better.

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Our key areas include:

Websites/Web pages
We create, maintain, and update web pages and websites. This allows all information to be collected and displayed at one place for easy accessibility.

Interactive Infographics
These are graphical representations of data points mentioned in the article that allow the reader to visualize the research. This leads to a longer-lasting impression of the article in the reader’s mind.

Press Releases
Research Press Releases provide information about the researchers as well as the academic society which is then sent to various media outlets, thereby helping the target audience to understand the crux of the wider research. By being in the news, press notes help in generating a wider appeal on the research area.

Audiovisual Summaries
Audiovisual summaries are an efficient way to gage the crux of the larger text, as they highlight the theme of the report. This makes understanding the research less cumbersome, which is desirable for readers short on time. Audiovisual summaries can be used effectively across social media channels, in presentations, and across websites to enable the audience to get a quick understanding of the key highlights.

At Impact Science, our team of communication experts help you create the most effective media tools for your needs, complete with post-production, to share across various platforms.

Academic Brands Who Trust Our Expertise

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