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According to a 2018 STM report, academics and researchers are adding to the existing wealth of research by producing a staggering 3 Million academic papers annually.

For Publishers and Journals sharing latest information about their work and extending reach is vital to remain on top of mind, attract the best researchers, follow the latest research from other journals spread far and wide, and to attract new generations of researchers into the fold of authors.

For Societies, it is vital to propagate their mission to large audiences, begin conversations around topics of research, attract a new generation that is passionate about research, and to add to the growing global pool of knowledge.

At Impact Science, the strategic communication and amplification brand of Cactus Communications, we work with leading Publishers, Journals and Societies across the world to help them meet their dissemination, propagation and communication goals by increasing reach and engagement amongst the most appropriate audiences.

Key Impact Services

Article Promotion Services

Impact Science's range of services helps authors promote their paper. We work with research papers across disciplines by breaking them down to a communication that can be used to interact with peers, policy makers, media and the public.

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Journal Promotion Services

Impact Science helps Journals create and maintain their digital & social footprint with a continuous stream of content that informs the public, educates authors on best practices, and amplifies the journal’s output.

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Publisher Marketing Services

Impact Science works closely with the marketing teams of top publishers to help them achieve their goals of reaching out and engaging with an academic audience.

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Society Marketing Services

Impact Science helps societies solve some of their primary challenges such as helping peers, public and policymakers understand the society’s goal of disseminating knowledge and building a strong & attractive brand presence in the local and international market

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Academic Brands Which Trust Our Expertise

Case Studies

Analysing the Risks in UK Pension Scheme: Evaluation of the Impact of the King’s College London Research

King’s College London (KCL) is one of the UK’s leading research-intensive universities. KCL ranks among the top universities in the world: founded in 1829, it is a leading research-led institution with 7,200 staff and a turnover of more than £680 million.

Evaluating Impact of the PROV Data Model: How Impact Science gathered evidence for REF 2021 for King’s College London and Newcastle University

King’s College London (KCL) and Newcastle University are two of the UK’s leading research-intensive universities.

Evolving Alongside Technology: The Academy of Management’s Journey into a Digital Future

Rooted in the industrial revolution, maturing with the digital revolution: The Academy of Management works with Impact Science to drive change and success

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