We work with leading scholarly publishers and information solution companies to ensure their
marketing, sales, and product teams effectively communicate their portfolio of solutions.
We design, develop, and execute outreach strategies that lead the way in terms of innovation and impact

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Marketing and Communications Teams

  • Truly engage researcher communities in your field
  • Leverage multimedia for your social media strategies and marketing communication plans
  • Master templated solutions to support broad journal or book portfolios
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Product Teams

  • Produce marketing and product collateral that reflects the innovation and matches your product USPs
  • Extend the shelf-life of your product marketing strategies with unique agency support
  • Guide buyers through your product USPs and key capabilities
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Sales Teams

  • Be ready to showcase your portfolio of solutions in this new “low-touch” economy
  • Upgrade your value stories and landing pages to meet client expectations
  • Deliver a “digital-first impression” that will allow for new prospects and facilitate renewals
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Local Teams

  • Translate or localize new or existing pieces of content for audiences in key markets
  • Gain a thorough understanding of WeChat and form a competitive advantage around it
  • Convert global communication programs to localized marketing/product or sales strategies
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Exclusive Services

Why Choose Impact Science

  • In-depth understanding of science and the scholarly publishing landscape
  • Expertise in using global platforms and communication channels such as WeChat
  • Visually engaging products that bring research to life for global audiences
  • Fast turnaround times, leveraging the scale of technology, operations, and infrastructure at CACTUS
  • Responsive communication and service from a friendly and professional global team

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Global Thought Leadership

Pablo joined the CACTUS family after 10 successful years at Elsevier. Pablo has a wealth of experience that makes him a valuable and trusted advisor to sales, product, and marketing teams at publishers who partner with Impact Science.

Pablo’s passion for delivering impact to customers has led him to advising clients and leading digital projects around new product launches, digital sales enablement, marketing innovation, and go-to-market strategies in China.

Pablo is a native Spanish speaker based in Amsterdam. He oversees relations with publishing partners in the US and across Europe and Asia. Pablo has a degree in accounting and business administration from the University of Buenos Aires. When not at work, he loves cycling through the Dutch countryside and taking his daughter to the zoo.

Pablo Palmeiro,

Vice President, Publisher Partnerships


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