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The reputation of an institution depends not only on the quality of its research output, but also on the impact of its research through knowledge transfer, engagement with external partners, and influencing society and communities through its research.

At Impact Science, we specialise in enhancing impact delivered from research, public engagement, and knowledge transfer. A key part of this is measuring and communicating this impact. To support this, we offer Impact Evaluation and Consulting Services to universities.

Public engagement and knowledge exchange programmes are evaluated to measure their impact and effectiveness. A rigorous evaluation report demonstrates the value of the programme to funders and stakeholders.

Impact Science strategically evaluates these programmes and analyses the evidence of their impact on society. Our work involves conducting surveys and structured interviews with key stakeholders, analysis of primary data, secondary research, development of logic models and theories of change, and the production and publication of evaluation reports. We ensure that we always employ the best evaluation methodology for every individual project.

Our Work

PROV Evaluation report

PROV is a Provenance Standard published by the World Wide Web consortium. To assess what impact PROV was having on research, an impact evaluation was conducted by Impact Science on behalf of King’s College London and Newcastle University. During this impact evaluation, expert consultation was conducted with personnel from three organizations – AstraZeneca, NASA/USGCRP (the Global Change Research Program, responsible for the US National Climate Assessment), and The Gazette UK. The major impacts of PROV were remarked upon in detail and Impacts were then applied to the REF Impact classifications.


Pensions Evaluation report

Impact Science worked with the Financial Mathematics (FM) group at King’s College London (KCL) and the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) to evaluate the impact of a mathematical model that describes the future development of the most important risk factors affecting the investment returns and cash flow liabilities of the typical pension insurer. The model also involved a simulation and the researchers wrote the computer code for simulation of the model (Economic Scenario Generator). This evaluation is part of a wider submission to the REF.


Robotic Therapy Evaluation report

Prof Jian Dai of King’s College London has pioneered the development of new robotic systems that can deliver physical therapies for the treatment of lower leg injuries. Impact Science investigated how these robotic systems have been commercialised and put into international use, evaluating the benefits to patients and practitioners and the contributions they have made to the development and growth of new companies.


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Case studies

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How Impact Science helped the London South Bank University review impact case studies for REF 2021

Like other universities in the UK, London South Bank University was deep in the throes of its preparations for REF 2021. The REF and LSBU’s impact team contacted Impact Science to provide a set of impact case study reviews.

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Paving the Way for Dongguk University Becoming a Global Research Hub

In order to bridge the gap between scientists and the public, university research departments are exploring alternative formats for science communication. South Korea’s Dongguk University understood the need to explore ways in which it could communicate its research impact and reached out to Impact science.

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Brand engagement in China augmented by leveraging local social media

The BMJ, one of the world’s leading general medical journals, had difficulty building a presence in China. Translating content into Chinese was comparatively less successful in getting engagement from the Chinese research community.

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Breakthrough Research Made Simple and Sharable

How to create self-explanatory graphical summaries of select articles that could be shared with a growing audience of orthopedic surgeons and researchers and be easier to digest.

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Demystifying Data Provenance

How Impact Science gathered evidence for REF 2021

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Taking Cutting-edge Research to the Masses

Impact Science decided to communicated TUS’ cutting-edge research through catchy news-style, scientific press releases, engaging infographics, and videos that summarize the key findings.

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Analysing the Risks in the UK Pension Scheme

Evaluation of the Impact of the King’s College London Research Program

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Evolving alongside technology — towards a digital future

How do you catalyze an organisation rooted in the industrial revolution to mature with the digital revolution?

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Neurology research made short and simple

How do you help busy clinicians keep pace with the steady developments in research?

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Decoding the Humanities for today’s world

How do you connect a 330+-year-old publishing house with new audiences and geographies in the most relevant and contextual way possible?

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Many Lifesaving Ideas—One Powerful Story

How does a journal repurpose its research propositions, breakthroughs, and discoveries into a format that allows its readership—busy professionals—keep track of it all?

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