What Is Research Commercialization?

Research commercialization

Writing a research article is a tedious task. It involves months of work & patience, but once completed, gives great satisfaction. It involves years of research and collecting information in order to spread this knowledge to others. Communicating research information in the right manner is important to ensure its dissemination among varied audiences.

How does the industry know when a lab or University is working on a particular research topic? Research commercialization is the first step to make one’s research discoverable. It is a method of sharing new research with the academic community. Researchers benefit immensely from communicating their findings with industry partners, and research commercialization seeks to make that possible. Multiple steps are involved in commercialization solutions.

How does Impact Science help with communicating Research Commercialization?

One method is to create research briefs, a combination of text and audio-visual summaries to explain the crux of the research in a consumable manner. Visually, one can also look into Lab Branding videos. These aim at showcasing the research output of the lab. Additionally, one can communicate their research through visually engaging brochures/pamphlets to create an impact.

Research commercialization communication also involves creating a microsite, where the concerned University lab can host and highlight its ongoing projects. This can be accompanied by professionally crafted e-mails to communicate with industry specialists.

Last, but not the least is the execution and delivery of an eloquent press release to attract and disseminate the research among the targeted audience and to make it more discoverable to the media.

How does Impact Science help with communicating Research Commercialization?

At Impact Science, we work with Universities and scientists to help them turn their research into a commercial success. We help them scale up research articles into viable practical solutions and connect researchers with the right commercial organizations. Our team of scientists, illustrators and impact specialists work together to communicate the essence of the research so that it can be disseminated to all stakeholders.

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