Dissemination of Research

How can your research impact the world?

  • For your research to truly make a difference in the world and build a better tomorrow, it has to be first read, and then acted upon.
  • In a world where researchers are facing an information overload (over 3 Million academic papers are produced annually as per 2018 STM report), how can you be sure that your research will cut through the clutter and make desired impact?
  • Impact comes from people–other researchers, policy makers & other stakeholders–acting on your research.
  • You owe your research that.

Key Impact Services

Communicate your Science with others in your field

  • Plain language summaries
  • Research presentations
  • Infographics

Communicate your Science with the media

  • Research news story
  • Infographic or video
  • Global distribution

Communicate with Funders

  • Executive summary of your proposed research
  • Visual representation with an infographic

Academic Brands Which Trust Our Expertise

Case Studies

Evaluating Impact of the PROV Data Model: How Impact Science gathered evidence for REF 2021 for King’s College London and Newcastle University

King’s College London (KCL) and Newcastle University are two of the UK’s leading research-intensive universities.

Evolving Alongside Technology: The Academy of Management’s Journey into a Digital Future

Rooted in the industrial revolution, maturing with the digital revolution: The Academy of Management works with Impact Science to drive change and success

Improve REF 2021 Preparations With Impact Science

London South Bank University is one of London’s largest and oldest universities.

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