Your organization is doing path-breaking research

But is it getting the recognition it deserves?

This comprehensive guide, put together by communication specialists at Impact Science, is all you need to design an effective research impact amplification strategy!

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Amplify your research impact with disruptive solutions tailored for

Journals and Publishers

Are you missing out on engaging meaningfully with audiences online?

Here’s the ultimate guide to getting your digital strategy right and standing out amid the clutter!

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High Altmetric scores
on your mind?

Know what it takes to create compelling communication for maximizing visibility and reach!

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Cutting edge research?
Check. Path-breaking findings. Check. Visibility?

Use this guide to craft a winning visibility formula for your university’s avant-garde work!

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Familiarize you with evolving formats that are being used by premier institutions across the globe to engage with newer audiences effectively

Help you understand the changing dynamics of creating research impact

Recommend ideas for a comprehensive strategy that you can evolve for communicating research that brings ‘Returns on Objective’

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The value of trustworthy communication has come to the fore now more than ever before, especially when it comes to information that has the potential to impact lives. Research institutions continue to show their tireless dedication to promoting the spirit of enquiry and creating lasting impact- Who indeed would best know the value of such trust?

In 2020, 68% of consumers across demographic groups used the internet daily to search for COVID-19 updates.

Over 31% individuals ranked ‘Scientific articles’ as trustworthy sources of information after WHO, government(s), health bodies & news media*

  • Have you been able to ensure that the research your organization has been supporting reaches a wider audience?
  • Have you been able to influence policy and practises that make a world of a difference?
  • Have you been able to attract an increasing number of quality researchers and authors to work with you?

if you answered even partly in the negative to one of these questions, then this is just the guide for you!
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Some of the world’s biggest publishers, academic societies, and
research institutes trust us

Some of the world’s biggest publishers, academic societies, and
research institutes trust us


Impact Science drives impact and provides creative solutions for universities, researchers, publishers, journals, and societies. We communicate research clearly, quickly, and accurately through formats such as videos, infographics, and research stories.

We have a team of highly skilled communicators, visualizers, graphic designers, animators, web developers, and impact catalysts with deep experience working with researchers to share their work in innovative ways.


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